We believe in today's technology

Weave was named the fastest growing software company in the Netherlands in 2019 by the Dutch Financial Times. We bite into technically complex questions and only let go with exactly the right software solution. In this way we come up with answers on opportunities that improve people's daily lives.

You aren't here by accident

Curiosity is the seed of all innovation. The digital world won’t stop moving. Be prepared. We stimulate people to anticipate in future needs and digital technology in relentless pursuit of better. You’re here to do the best work of your life, so let your work do the convincing!

We grow. Are you growing along? Year after year, Weave belongs to the list of FD Gazellen, which includes the fastest growing companies in the Netherlands!

We also organize Golang meetups to share knowledge and learn from each other. If we don't see you for a job application, we'd love to see you for mutual inspiration!

The result counts

We are a hardcore tech company: almost our entire team consists of developers and designers, without unnecessary management layers. For us, a directors task is simply 'giving direction'. Together on the road to the very best cloud-native software.